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HoDress is a leader in fashion and a designer of wedding and special dress that caters to a client that lays emphasis on the style and design. Designed with heart, the company speaks to a variety of chic, trendy and fashion forward consumers. is committed to innovative style, quality craftsmanship and exceptional fit as well as its meticulous attention to detail, including beading, sequins and embroidery.

The company offers a large selection of fantastic, well-designed, stylish garments for women, including Prom Dresses, Cocktail Dresses, Evening Dresses, Wedding Party Dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses, etc. We strive to provide you with the most current selection, the most complete size range (uk 4 to uk 30, custom made), the best prices and the largest variety of styles. It is our Top Priority to create a glamorous look of elegance for each and every customer that comes into our store. No matter what the occasion, no matter what the price range, no matter how soon you need the dress, and we have the stock and the help to make your dream come true.

We provides a wide selection of celebrity and catwalk inspired pieces – with lots of new looks arriving daily.

We aims at fashion forward females, offering the very latest styles in clothing for women that love keeping their look on-trend and affordable.

We always provides products with good quality due to the efficient manufacturing process. Besides, we have mass production and cheap labor force, so the products it provides are mostly at low prices.

We has a good knowledge of shipping routes and chooses the convenient shipping path which makes the delivery faster. Considering the far shipping, we have professional personnel taking good care of the dress and pack every piece of the dress quite well.

We offers exchange and return policy. If you receive the item in a defective manner, please contact our customer service representative in the fastest way in case the finding of serious damage or obvious color differentia on product received. We will arrange your request for exchange or refund after the faulty confirmation. You can also return to a page to check the details.

Our guarantee

We guarantee to provide you with the most perfect dress and service. Our duty is to make you relaxed and happy shopping. We will go the extra mile for you. If that means working overtime, then it will be done! We will try our best to do the order process wonderfully.

Examining A Novated Lease Agreement

Examining A Novated Lease Agreement

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The topic of a novated lease has been ongoing in Australia for years because some people still don’t understand how the lease functions. A Novated Lease by Stratton Finance is one of the most cost-effective and flexible methods of purchasing a car. The process of buying a car through other means can be a big deal both financially and emotionally. That explains why many people in Australia are turning to a novated lease agreement as a way of purchasing cars. If you are still not convinced of why you should buy your car with a novated lease, then this article will give you several reasons why you should embrace this financing option.

Save on tax
When you take up a novated lease agreement, you pay less tax throughout the year unlike in the past. That is because part of your monthly payments is deducted from your pre-tax salary, which means a reduction of your taxable income. Better still; the agreement is inclusive of not only your lease payments but also other costs such as registration, fuel, servicing, and maintenance. Therefore, covering these regular costs using your pre-tax salary and reducing your taxable income is a bonus for employees.

It looks after everything on your behalf
The financing company that offers the novated lease not only sources your vehicle but also delivers it to your convenient location. Besides, the company can also handle the necessary paperwork, organize the car insurance, and arrange for the financing. That means that you don’t have to worry about the car purchasing process if you are using a novated lease.

Employees pay less for the car
Novated leases are affordable and cost-effective, so employees don’t have to break the bank to purchase their new car. Besides, novated lease financing companies offer discounts because they have a network of car dealers. Thus, you can enjoy a great price on the preferred car model.

Everything is included in a novated lease
Novated leases are inclusive of the entire budget that covers your finance as well as the running costs. The agreement also sets aside the costs and expenses from your pre and post-tax salary for each pay cycle. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about maintenance and fuel costs. Also, a novated lease allows you to upgrade your car model after the expiry of the lease period, and the costs are included in the agreement. The lease also includes a warranty.

If you are still wondering or fantasizing about your dream and considering a novated lease to acquire it, then don’t waste any more time. You can use a novated lease calculator to get an estimate of the weekly or monthly payments you will be required to pay. Besides, you can personalize the borrowed amount, lease period, interest rate and the residual rate using the novated lease calculator at Stratton Finance

Three Steps For Car Finances

Three Steps to Take Before Applying for New Car Finance

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Applying for new car finance is a common step in the vehicle buying process. Few drivers can or want to pay for the full cost of a vehicle up-front, and financing is an effective way to spread out the cost over several years. You may be eager to apply for car finance and to drive off in your new vehicle as soon as possible. However, before you make a hasty decision that you could regret, follow a few simple steps. These steps can help you to line up the most affordable car loan terms for your budget.
Understand the Vehicle’s Expenses
When many drivers apply for new car finance, they only analyze the monthly loan payment. As long as this loan payment works well in their budget, they feel confident making the vehicle purchase from Stratton Finance However, when you buy a new car, your car insurance premium, repair and maintenance costs and gas expense can all change as well. Researching these costs is important if you want to understand the true cost of ownership for the vehicle that you have your eye on. Even if your new payment is the same as your previous payment, some of these other factors could change and could affect your budget.
Update Your Budget
Another step to take before you move forward with your car finance plans is to update your budget with all of these new figures. If your gas and insurance expenses will increase dramatically with your new Mazda Finance at Stratton vehicle, you may realize that you need to adjust your car loan payment downward. This may be done by extending the loan term or making a larger down payment. It is more difficult to make car-related financial changes after your purchase than it is to make a few changes beforehand.
Review Your Credit Report
Your car finance interest rate will be based on your credit rating. Before you apply, obtain a free copy of your credit report online. Analyze your credit scores, and ensure that all information showing on the report is correct. In some cases, spending a few months improving your credit rating could help you to qualify for a more affordable interest rate.Your payment for car finance may become a regular part of your budget for at least the next three to four years. These are all important steps that you can take to ensure that the payment is affordable for you. By taking these steps, you can feel more comfortable with your buying decision and could enjoy improved financial security going forward.

The Novated Lease Pros And Cons

The Novated Lease Pros And Cons

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Vehicles are virtually everywhere one looks in Australia – the entire world, really. As Australia is burdened with more debt than any country on planet Earth, many residents don’t have enough money to cash flow the purchase of a vehicle.

As such, most people are left with one option – leasing – or going without a vehicle. Most opt for the former option, rather than walking here, there, and everywhere.

The Definition Of A Novated Lease

To novate something, more or less, means to transfer responsibility for something to another paty.

In the case of a Novated Lease at Stratton Finance, an employee will already have the option of a novted lease in their benefit packages – nonfinancial compensatory packages typically including health insurance, among other forms of pay outside of money – and then select a vehicle they want to drive.

Their employer takes financial responsibility for the vehicle. Does the employee ever leave their position? Then he or she takes responsibility, and even has the opportunity to transfer the lease back to another employer, given they get a new position somewhere.

What’s So Good About A Novated Lease?

What could be so good about letting one’s employer take care of a vehicle lease? Most Australians are already familiar with the many benefits of novated lease agreements, though the rest of the world might not be.

Novated lease payments are taken by employers directly from workers’ paychecks. The key benefit this provides workers is that no income taxes are taken out on them.

Further, any sales tax that would otherwise be paid to financiers – which isn’t forked over in the case of the esteemed, helpful novated lease – doesn’t exist in the case of the novated lease.

Employers also tend to provide employees with handfuls of benefits that typically wouldn’t be available if they had opted for leases without the intermediary that employers act as in novated lease agreements.

Why Might Someone Not Want To Choose A Novated Lease?

Any vehicle, such as the Mazda someone signs up for with a novated lease typically must be purchased in order for the lease to be settled. Even if the employee isn’t granted the vehicle at the end of the novated lease, he will still be responsible for a balloon payment at the end.

This might not be convenient, or even doable, for some people. As such, better options are available for getting one’s hand on a vehicle.

However, given that one has enough money to afford the residual payment, a novated lease is a great idea.

The Truth Behind A Novated Lease

The Truth Behind The Novated Lease Agreement – You Won’t Believe This

Taxes and tariffs have been around for thousands of years. Without taxes, community, town, and state populations essentially freeload from their immediate areas of living, travel, and activity.

Governments all around the world, to this day, take taxes from their constituents to furnish roads, running water, electricity, Internet, government-backed healthcare, and countless other communal goods and services.

If Taxes Are So Important, Then Why Don’t Novated Lease Deals Get Taxed?

In Australia, some employees are offered a Novated Lease by Stratton Finance, by which the:

  • Employee selects a vehicle he desires to lease, and takes a cut to his salary to afford the vehicle on the novated lease.
  • Employer fills out and files all paperwork to secure the employee’s vehicle, and automatically deducts payments from the employee’s salary.
  • A financial institution accepts payments from the employer, keeps great records of how much money has been remitted, and does anything and everything else financial.

So, where does this tax thing come into play? The employer takes monthly remittances towards the outstanding balance from pre-tax income.

A Quick Math Problem To Explain

Not so much a “problem,” but more of an explanation.

Assume your income is $47,000. You seek out a one-year novated lease through your employer that costs $10,000. Because the novated lease is taken out of your annual salary prior to taxes being deducted, your total taxable income is only $37,000.

If you chose to do something else with that money, $47,000 would have been taxed. Let’s check out the difference.

$47,000’s tax = $3,572 + (10,000 * 0.325) = $6,822

$37,000’s tax = $3,572

Would you rather pay $6,822 without a novated lease, or $3,572 with a novated lease? Oh, and all expenses you’d typically incur – tires, gasoline, etc. – are paid tax-free, as well.

Let’s assume another example: the vehicle costs the same, but the income we’re going to earn in one year’s time is $77,000.

$77,000 – $10,000 = $67,000’s tax with novated lease = $13,322

$77,000 – 0 = $77,000’s tax without novated lease = $16,572

Although the difference isn’t as substantial between a Car Loans by Stratton Finance, you’ll always find that a novated lease is a much better deal than leasing a vehicle without your employer’s help.

Some Other Benefits

Employees are statistically more likely to serve their employers longer if they’ve offered their workers a novated lease deal.

Organizations pay next to nothing to initialize novated leases, which is far cheaper than funding other popular benefits like health insurance and paid time off.

What Are Car Loans?

What are car loans?


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Are you thinking of acquiring or changing your car soon? Purchasing a new car or a used one in Australia comes with a huge financial responsibility. A car loan is a unique financial service from various financial institutions that helps aspiring car owners raise the amount they need to purchase a car. Car loans have gained wide usage in the recent years. These kinds of loans allow you to own a car and you will continue to pay for it in installments without having to secure your loan. The car is used as collateral for the loan.

Common Features of Car Loans
Car Loan Stratton Finance are characterized by the following features that make them unique:
• Interest rates vary from one financier to another. You get to negotiate the interest rate: Most of the lenders do not have a fixed interest for car loans. As such, you will have the option of negotiating the interest rate. If you have a good credit score and a long relationship with the financial institution, you will be able to secure a low-interest rate.
• Car loans are appropriate for purchasing both new or a used vehicle. Most financial institutions that provide car loans in Australia do not limit their services to only financing new cars but can also help you purchase a used vehicle. This makes the loans ideal for anyone looking to buy a car regardless of his or her budget.
• Financiers use the car as security for the loan. Unlike other forms of loans that require you to provide collateral for the loan, car loans do not need security. Financial institutions will use the vehicle itself as collateral to secure the loan.
• You can choose the loan tenure that is convenient for you. These loans do not come with fixed loan tenures but instead, you can negotiate with your financial institution for a tenure that you find convenient.
• Long term in nature. Car loans are provided by financial institutions on a long term basis. You can expect car loan tenures to range between 12 months to 84 months depending on the agreement between a financier and their client.
• You can make a deposit or trade the loan. If you are planning to take a car loan should be aware that it allows deposits or trade off.

The benefits that accompany these loans are numerous. If you are having difficulties saving for your dream car such as ones you can get from Mazda Finance Stratton, you should consider contacting us and we will arrange for a loan for you.